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When the sun is out, it is indeed time to play. Swimming is not only a leisure activity but a proven health benefit. It is an exercise that puts the whole body into activity and reduces mental pressures and brings stability to one’s thought process.

What better way is there to manage your summertime pool urges than with a luxurious plunge pool in your backyard?

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There are several types of pools that Brisbane residents have been developing in their homes. Backyard pools come in various designs and depending on their use. Concrete plunge pools are popular in Brisbane and an increase has been noticed in the region. Small plunge pools have particularly been a popular feature in several backyards and gardens.

The highest-quality pools are delivered by the professionals at Ezy Living Pools.

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Why Brisbane QLD residents love our plunge pools?

Plunge pools are a small pool popular for their flexibility in design which allows Brisbane homeowners to explore their creativity even when they are short on space. Customers get to explore options that align with their pricing capacity, lifestyle, and investment capacity.

Plunge pools unlike traditional pools are dedicated to lounging and cooling off and are a luxurious asset to have. They are a great option for small pools Brisbane backyards are suited to. 

Our Brisbane Plunge pools installation process

Ezy Living Pools is a company that has decades of expertise in the industry and over the years developed a five-step process for pool owners and homeowners looking to develop their dream pools.

Ezy Living Pools has plunge pool builders Brisbane staff that has undergone professional training coupled with years of experience to deliver exceptional quality in plunge pool construction, renovations, and installations. They are qualified and insured to ensure all aspects are covered regarding your pool.

At Ezy Living Pools, the plunge pool installation process is delivered in the following steps:

01. Concept Delivery

The first step our plunge pool installation process is to develop a plunge pool concept for analysis. However, if the client is willing to explore options, there is a wide array of options in our company portfolio to explore.

02. Site Inspection

The second step to install a plunge pool is site inspection. This is where our team of professionals come to the new pool site, inspect the ground, identify construction needs, and study the considerations such as slope, drainage and access.

03. Legal Considerations

There are local council rules and regulations that need to be considered. These include factors that affect widespread services such as water, electricity, power access, and development.

04. Proposal Presentation

The next step is delivered by the Ezy Living Pools team whereby a proposal is presented by the team to the client and followed by necessary changes and edits before further steps are taken in the process to install the pool.

05. Expert plunge pool builders Brisbane

Pool construction is the fifth step and is carried out by certified pool installation professionals. The construction process is closely monitored to ensure that your small swimming pools Brisbane will be delivered in its envisioned form.

Our Ezy Living concrete plunge pools Brisbane are constructed by professionals who have decades of certified experience and thus deliver high-quality and exceptional work.

06. Client Handover

Finally, the last stage is the plunge pool handover to the client. This is to ensure that the client is 100% happy with their new plunge pool and our team can iron out any arising issues. We also go through an extensive equipment run down of all equipment to ensure the maximum lifespan and enjoyment of your new plunge pool.

For comprehensive maintenance of your Brisbane Plunge Pools

Pools must be maintained to ensure that the owners can have full enjoyment for the whole family. We ensure all new plunge pool owners are given adequate training on how best to look after their new pool.

Qld, Australia residents have relied on Ezy Living Pools for these professional services for their backyard plunge pool needs. This is because they focus on work safety as they work to deliver quality work and do so on schedule each and every time.

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Small pools Brisbane industry-approved maintenance practices

Maintenance of a plunge pool requires cleaning the water, examining piping, and repair of the plunge pools. Treatment of plunge pool water kills bacteria and ensures hours for family enjoyment or pool exercise.

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