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Chipped tiles, outdated fencing and worn-out concrete paths. This is the condition of your existing concrete swimming pool in Brisbane. Don’t let the look of your swimming pool tarnish the image of your property. Give your existing pool a lease of new life by contacting the leading concrete pool renovations Brisbane company.

Ezy Living Pools is a premier swimming pool service provider, offering design, construction and renovation services. Operating in, out and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast area, our professional crew can transform your pool, giving it a completely new appearance.

Get in touch with us. Our experienced pool team is ready to plan the renovation project of your old pool, incorporating your unique style, preferences and aesthetics appeal.

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Brisbane, Gold Coast and the larger Qld area is known for its beautiful weather for most parts of the year. While this has its benefits, the temperatures can at times get on the high side. Instead of staying cramped in the house under the A/C unit, going out for a swim is the best way to cool the body. The convenience of a well-maintained pool for your Brisbane home cannot be over-emphasized.

A newly renovated pool will renew your love for the water. It could be also a way for you and the family to bond over the weekends. You don’t need another venue for the regular family get togethers. Just move the grill to the pool side and fire it up.

For those with commercial properties, concrete pool renovations maintain and attract customers. And in terms of maintenance, a renovated pool will improve your maintenance costs in the long run.

A resurfaced pool has the potential of improving the value of your home by a considerable amount. Contact the pool experts at Ezy Living Pools. We have the knowledge and the necessary tools and equipment to bring your concrete swimming pools Brisbane back to life.

Is a pool restoration project the best solution for me?

Pool repairs or renovations of existing concrete pools might not always be the best solution. It may be that the pool surface is damaged beyond repair and pool resurfacing might be an expensive endeavor. Ezy Living Pools are not only in the service of offering extensive renovations but advising our clients.

As the number one swimming pools company in the area, you can rely on us to provide sound and professional advice on the same. Our swimming pool renovations Brisbane specialists will advise you on the best course of action.

Should you need a new swimming pool, Ezy Living Pools is still the service provider to call upon. We will handled the entire pool construction process.

Why trust Ezy Living Pools for your next swimming pool renovations Brisbane project in Qld?


Qualified and certified members of the Queensland Master Builders Association


Years of experience in concrete swimming pool renovation and concrete pool repairs Brisbane solutions


We guarantee personal service, customized to meet your exact needs. No two swimming pool renovations projects are the same. The professionals at Ezy Living Pools know that.


A complete re design/ transformation of your concrete swimming pools and spa

The swimming pool renovations experts Brisbane rely and bank on

There is no better company positioned in the Brisbane area to renovate, repair and offer pool resurfacing services. We have the best pool renovation specialists known for their experience, quality of service and commitment and dedication to professionalism.

For a clean surface, a new interior custom design and a look that will bamboozle all and sundry, call upon the pool renovation, resurfacing and pool repairs Brisbane experts, Ezy Living Pools. There is no job that is too big or too small for us.

Contact us either through phone, email or our online form. You will receive a free quote of our top-notch services.

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